It’s been a huge summer! But right now is the calm before the (next) storm, so let’s get a blog post out there.

ThreadCo Labs rocked the Lincoln Days street festival in Lincoln, North Dakota and met tons of awesome people! We had a lot of support from loved ones, friends, and newcomers to the ModStar and Enchiridion fold.

We sold a bunch of clothes and began to wrap up our Season 1 stock, but we still have some swag left in our shop, so go check it out before it’s gone and replaced with … whatever comes next!

I’ll be honest with you. This initial success was a whirlwind. We appreciate all of the support, and we’re going to do our best to keep our new fans happy!

Check in with you soon…



If you haven’t noticed, our social media is starting to wake up from a sleepy slumber. We’ve got exciting new things to talk about, and it’s time to reveal our secrets to the world!

ThreadCo Labs is embarking on Season 1, which is a limited run of two specific designs: Axiom II by Enchiridion and Mod-Zero by ModStar. Multiple garment types, colors, and styles are available!

Private orders have been happening already, because hey, we gotta take care of our homies, but public ordering is open now until the end of July.

Seasons are limited, so if you want in, you gotta get in! Fortunately, we are gonna make is easy for you to pull that trigger:

  • COMPETITIVE PRICING 💸 Our garments are competitively priced. Any store in the mall is going to charge more 💲 for a t-thirt than us, but our designs can’t be found in their stores!
  • EXCLUSIVE LOCAL CONTENT 🎯 The entire purpose of ThreadCo Labs is to promote the creation of unique clothing that you can’t find anywhere else. These styles are brought to you by local Bismarck, North Dakota homeboys that you know and love!
  • LIMITED TIME ⏰ Seasons only last until the stock runs out. If you see something you like, you really ought to snag it.
    ✅ Truly unique clothing? Check.
    ✅ Expressing yourself on a whole other level? Abso-check-alutely.