A little bit about us and how this whole mess got started

Shayne & Nick

Best bros for life. Introduced through mutual friend Ben Brick. Met each other not knowing that each was working on his own clothing brand. Shayne’s MODSTAR was successful but needed revival after a several year hiatus. Nick’s ENCHIRIDION was hot off the press and unproven. After a beer it was clear that combining their strengths would yield an unstoppable (probably?) force.

ThreadCo What?

Shayne and Nick created ThreadCo Labs to combine their talents and work together to market their clothing brands. MODSTAR and ENCHIRIDION both have unique styles and subtext, and the duo both believe strongly in what the other’s brand represents.

ThreadCo Labs is an umbrella for collaboration. The name says it all!

THREAD (Clothing)
CO (Collaboration)
LABS (A place of experimentation and innovation)

Someday in the future, Shayne and Nick hope to invite other unique brands to join ThreadCo Labs. Together, we can create a catalog of undeniably radical stees that will rock the planet! 🤟🌎

Is it local?

Shayne and Nick run ThreadCo Labs from their home town of Bismarck, North Dakota. They source quality garments from various places but always buy American when possible. Screen printing is done by local businesses in Bismarck. Sublimation is done by American partner companies. ThreadCo Labs attends local events and sells products online through this website.

ThreadCo Labs releases products in Seasons; like a celestial season, it eventually comes to an end (runs out of stock!) Re-prints will happen, but Seasons won’t!

Season 1 Progress

Procuring garments
Website Launch
Season 1 Inventory Sold

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