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Shayne and I (Nicholas) have been chatting lately about our next move.

We are passionate about creating awesome things, and we quickly realized that if we create things for the wrong reasons, then we start to dread it much more than we enjoy it. This is a big life lesson that I think anybody could benefit from. Ultimately, we started ThreadCo Labs to create the things that we wanted to wear, and we hoped that others would like what we created too. This has to be what we continue to do if we want to keep doing it!

If you didn’t know, this is our side gig. We’ll be honest. We like to hustle but we have families too and jobs that we actually like, so this is all just a big awesome bonus. Hope that doesn’t shatter your image of us too much. But perhaps we would look good shattered. I’m thinking about the unique reflections of a jagged glassy edge playing off the light as it moves through the air. I think I have an idea, be right back!

We’ve been gathering inspiration, setting aside time, meditating, and pitting pen against paper to come up with our next designs. Obviously, winter is about upon us, so warm winter gear is on our minds. I’m thinking about waterproof jackets, scarves, and custom boots. Shayne is thinking also thinking about jackets, beanies, and hoodies.

Shayne and I are pretty new to this whole business so we have been exploring new avenues to obtain garments and customize them. It’s a tricky business to navigate. There are lots of wonderful things that cost wonderful lumps of cash. We don’t want to sell a t-shirt for $50 so we are trying to be careful about our pricing so we can deliver reasonably priced and high-quality clothing to our fans.

I call this phase “Research & Development” because I have a penchant for official-sounding scientific thingies, which by the way, is the least scientific-sounding thing I’ve probably said all day.

We have some great art waiting for the right garment to sit on. I’m still working on some bold pieces that will really push our futuristic style forward.

I can’t wait to share more with you soon. I’m usually a very private person so writing about our internal machinations is therapeutic and liberating. Thanks for reading!

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